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Saint Sicko

November 12, 2009

angryIt’s any random Tuesday morning, and you’re sick.

But you’re a trooper. You’re dedicated to your job.

So you bite the bullet and go to work, feeling like crap. Complete and utter crap. You sit at your desk, in your open cubicle inside an office with windows that never open, breathing recycled air—coughing, sneezing and sniffling.

But you’re a dedicated worker. You want your coworkers to know the sacrifice you’ve made to keep the corporate machine oiled and running. So you cough a little louder, blow your nose a little more often. You remind everyone that you feel like crap, but you’re not going to let that affect your work…

Guess what?

You are neither a martyr nor a saint when you come to work sick. You are nothing more than a liability to everyone around you.

It’s a precarious time to celebrate the common cold—the news outlets have the world believing that every time you cough you’re one step closer to the grave. Every sneeze is a sign that the H1N1 is upon us.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Go to Facebook and every other status update is about how someone fears their child has the swine flu when in reality, it’s the beginning of cold season.

People so desperately want to be a part of whatever’s popular, even if it’s a global pandemic. They just want to be included.

But this isn’t about the general populace’s susceptibility to fads. I could wax poetic for days about Reality TV and iPhones, but that is an angry rant in and of itself.

No, this is about common courtesy.


Swine Flu or not, if you’re sick stay home. Period. I don’t care how many vacation days you have left or why you’re saving them. I don’t give a damn about your deadlines.

Selfish as it may seem, all I care about is my own well being.

If you’re sick stay home.

Don’t breathe on me, don’t touch the bathroom door handle, don’t grace me with your presence in the lunch room. Just. Go. Home.

Take a bath, lay on the couch in your comfy clothes eating luke warm soup watching Judge Judy—I don’t care. Your deadlines will still be there in a few days. The world does not stop turning when you stay home.

But mine just might if you don’t.