Shedding my ‘Skine, Part 1


I’ve been feeling a little lost as of late—disheveled.

I mean, more disheveled than usual.

I filled the last page of my last moleskine, and have had nothing in my pocket to catch the random crap that falls out of my brain. My journals, notebooks, sketchbooks…this is where ideas get mapped out. Fleshed out. Worked out. It’s where simple sentences are recorded for a rainy day when I need a spark.


And it makes me smarter. It’s true.

Just the simple act of putting ink to page on a regular basis improves how I think. Scientifically speaking, studies have shown that writing by hand is a process that requires an integration of visual, motor, and cognitive execution for a stronger, more stimulated mode of thought.


The simple, singular focus on that little piece of paper, rather than a constant exchange between keyboard and monitor allows a more centered point of thought. A more centered point of thought allows more expansion of thought.

And I have nowhere to do it.

I’ve been using Moleskines for years. Personally, I don’t care if Hemingway used a Moleskine or a roll of toilet paper to record his thoughts. I have been using them because I like the binding, size and paper weight.

I do not, however, like the page count. At 80, they fill up far too fast to keep up.

Nor do I like the price.


So I’ve decided to branch out and try some different brands.

I ordered a Piccadilly, a Pen&Ink and a Pentalic pocket notebook/sketchbook. They all win on price.

Quality is another thing entirely.

As I said earlier, I have been carrying around Moles because of the binding, size and paper. The latter being the most important selling point. The stock of paper needs to be thick. I don’t just write in these. I carve into them, and build the initial mockups for bigger, more thought out ideas. I abuse tape, spray adhesive and glue sticks.


These journals come with me everywhere. Client meetings, backstage amidst the beautiful chaos of show time, family events, road trips, business trips, mind trips.

They are chew toys for the puppies, coasters for my cocktails, and bulging at the seams with thought.


I’m not sure which new brand will arrive first, but I will use them as I get them, and compare and contrast with the iconic hipster accessory I have lovingly used for years, and report back to you.

Because I have better things to spend my money on.

Like hookers and blow.

Or, you know, rent and stuff.


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