Tangle of Lights: A different angle



You know what they say, measure twice, cut once.


They also say, if at first you don’t succeed, take a step back, have a drink and smoke, and try another approach.


Okay, maybe I say that.


I’ve been working on a new direction with my art as of late, utilizing angles, lenticular illusions and physical depth mixed with the root idea of tilt-shift perspective.


Once upon a time, before I was a Mad Man, before I sang for beautiful women to shimmy about to—before I even learned the fine art and skill sets of the service industry, I was an art student. Painting, drawing, and mixed media…this was before Adobe Photoshop even existed; before there was digital photography, before the Internet. When being an artist was a very different craft.


At least for me.


This was back when we, the paint splattered fine art majors, turned our noses up at commercial art students, those future sellouts forced to hand draw their fonts with gray markers and display them next to our paintings of nude models.


Ah youth. If I knew then where I’d be now.


Back then, mine was a reckless form born of undeserved indignation to a world I hadn’t even begun to understand. I rarely entered into anything with a plan. I didn’t even start with a sketch or idea more often than not. I would simply start, and get lost in the marks, the brush strokes, the scratches and smudges. The digressions and mini-evolutions as my inspiration raced against my frantic output.


I’m proud of that work. But it’s not how I work.


Not anymore.


Maybe it’s my age; maybe it’s a constant strife for more efficient use of my time, given how little I have these days. Perhaps it’s as simple and obvious as my daily bread bleeding over into my personal work. I spend my working hours building creative strategies. I plan, and think about what might work, and what will probably fail. I have learned the value of versions and drafts, tests and mock-ups.


Another fine cliche: you’ve gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.


Not every idea works the first go round. Or the second or third sometimes. Each misstep and failure teaches me something to apply to the next variation.


So I take a step back. Then a step forward. Then back again, then forward…Then I’m doing the hokey pokey.


I have been working with lenticular illusion, and the varied approaches to this strange optical illusion. In tangent, I’ve also been working on physical depth. This is something that has piqued my interest for quite some time now, though I’ve yet to find the application that works for me and my vision and underlying statement.


I’ve never really applied science to my art before. I’ve never done anything but close my eyes, take a deep breath and dive in. But I’ve always loved the process as much as the final product, if not more. Now the process is deeper, and more developed. More thoughtful.


Last night I built a mock-up of a lenticular based on open space and proper angles to view, with three physical levels of the scene to create a surreal perspective.


I almost got it right. Almost.


The front view looks fine, with some mild tweaking.


One angle worked great.




The other one…not so much. I need to reverse the order of the images on the other side of the lenticular blind.


And this is why I mock things up first.


So it’s time to do the hokey-pokey and turn myself around and then try, try again.


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