New poster, next show

We haven’t been playing as many gigs as of late, to focus on our album and Beggar’s Carnivale performances. In turn, that means I haven’t been designing posters much as of late, aside from the Beggar’s Carnivale, all of which follow an established (by me) brand, style and format.

Our next show on July 26th at 2720 is still a Beggars, though it’s not the typical production we’re known for, so much as a mid-summer all-star bash with an all-live set from Strawfoot. I love these kind of shows. They mix the performances and the music in a much more efficient and compact format, and I have the chance to embrace the audience in a different way when performing.

And I don’t have to follow the established brand, style and format when I make the poster.

Now, I’ll admit, this isn’t the best poster in my portfolio, but it was still nice doing something a little different. We need that in life, now and/or again.


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