Blinking lights, timelines, and the joy of deactivation…


I decided to take a short hiatus from Facebook this past week. A social media blackout, if you will.

Even if you won’t, I deactivated my account, so I could unplug and spend a little time offline. I highly recommend you all try it, even if it’s just for a few days. In this time, I’ve read a half dozen short stories, written new chapters for Fondly… I also organized the accidental passages thrown randomly into the orphan pages of my moleskines.

Just waiting for me to find them.

Plus, I’ve had the chance to enjoy more conversation without all that space to hide behind. More time winding our legs like tangled ribbon, talking about nothing and everything, and whatever lays in-between.


Tonight, I’ve been organizing the current chapters of Fondly, and exploring the overarching timeline in linear format, so I don’t lose track of the underlying points while maintaining an understandable exposition throughout.

This is not an easy task, but I enjoy the strategy being placed into the work, a side effect to being a Mad Man, for better or worse. It’s a process that will take longer than an evening, or the time it takes to write a blog.

But it’s an important part of how this book is being positioned, to ensure deeper meaning exists.


More important than my book, I’ve been writing, just for me. Just handwritten notes about what rolls through my waking hours…even some of my nocturnal moments. Were I a twelve year old girl waiting for her It’s Me Margaret moment, it would be a diary covered with glittery unicorn stickers, but as I am a successful, nearly 40 year old professional, I’ll just call it a journal.

And then…there’s the art…

Stay tuned, friends and/or neighbors. More to come without that pesky Facebook distracting me.


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