The economics of thought

len1I’ve been studying thought a lot lately.


Not the abstract idea, the literal exercise of thinking.


More to wit, how to think more efficiently to produce the work I want, with the results I need.


I know how to think; we all do to a certain point. It’s an innate mechanism of being a human.


But there’s a difference between the average moment of decision, and a deeper exploration of the challenges at hand to find a better solution.


Everything I learn garners three more things I need to research.


I’m still formulating my ideas of how thought is both useful, and used within my profession. There’s a lot more to learn.


Ultimately, I’m just trying to find the best pattern of thought to produce the best work possible. Work that satisfies the soul, the psyche and even the statistics I do my best to ignore in the early stages of a concept.


Most recently, my research has lead to me to behavioral economics, which is normally used to predict the market. There are a lot of aspects of this I believe can be used to dictate the market, rather than react to it.


So many people look for the easy solution, the fast payoff. We live in a world of immediacy, and far too often this causes rash, poorly planned strategies.


Those that step back and think; they are the ones that create trends, rather than follow them blindly.


I will always be a student in the school of thought. But now, I choose the curriculum.



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