Think, thank, thunk


I essentially get paid to think. That’s my job more than anything else.

To simply think.

Nothing happens when we don’t.

I’ve had my fair share of mind numbing jobs, behind counters and in cubicles.

Working. A warm ass filling a seat, another body to wear an apron. No thought, no pride. Just work, and maybe a nametag.

Work that made me wonder if I’d ever be anything else.


But now. I get paid to think.

Which got me thinking.

About thinking.

Divergent thought. Convergent thought. Lateral thought.

These are all modes of thought I use on a daily basis, but never really took the time to hone before recent years.

I never thought I’d find myself voluntarily studying the philosophy of thought.


My mind is a tool, when used properly, a weapon when used carelessly.


In the coming months, I’ll be exploring these styles of thought and the tools that work within them. I’ll be trying to figure out how to get the best aspects out of them to form my own train of thought.

But first I’ve got to build the tracks.

Stay tuned.



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