Intimacy and luck.

Usually, when we play a show, it’s with the Beggars and we have about 800 people listening, whether they like it or not. I love this. I love the rush you get when a large crowd is behind what you’re doing.


Last night we played another installment of Lola Van Ella’s Sultry Salon, a brief step into another world of art and music and beauty and absinthe and revelry.

The crowd is there. Next to you. Dancing in your peripheral. I could have easily been part of the crowd.


At times, as I sang, and flailed about, I was.


This intimacy found among strangers and loved ones alike, sharing the moment. No separation, no false sense of status or celebrity, merely a moment we all get to be a part of. A moment I helped create.

It means a lot to me, that I get to do this now and again.

Life isn’t just a punch of the clock, nor is it simply folly. But it is certainly all of the above and none of the above if we’re lucky.


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