What makes a man? How does one draw that line?

Is it how much ass you can kick? How much weight you will lift? Is it how many women you have banged?

For some, that’s the very definition. But for those, I merely shake my head.

I look around and I see a lot of silly boys, still dressing and acting like children.

A beard does not make you a man.

Nor does a strong bicep.

A man does not talk with his fists, simply because he cannot speak well enough with his voice.

A man is not an affliction shirt or axe body wash ad.

A man is not emotionally disconnected to the people in his life.

These are merely boys old enough to drink, vote and die for their country.

A man takes care of the people around them, keeps a roof over the heads of their loved ones. A man does the right thing even when he’d rather not.

A man loves hard and true. Cries when he needs to.

He helps without thought, and asks for it when he needs it.

A man puts himself out in the world to make some sort of difference. To leave some sort of mark.

A man doesn’t push it all down deep or hide his feelings.

A man treats his woman with respect. Adoration.

It’s not a closed fist, it’s open arms.

A man is driven, without running anyone over.

A man is someone who accepts his flaws. Works on them.

A man accepts the flaws in others.

Look at your boyfriend. Now look back over here.

And ask yourself, what makes a man?




Next time, I’ll pose the question of, “What makes a woman?”

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