Show Day.

Today is show day. We’ve been working hard for a while now, learning new songs, tightening up arrangements…

I love what I do, and nothing beats the feeling of being on stage in front of close to a thousand people, exposing my soul for all.

But show day is a weird, distant day for me. I shut down a bit. The outside world is merely a distraction from my focus. The set up, the waiting…The madness of the greenroom is just white noise. I’d like to be more relaxed, more open to merely enjoying the whole process, but my funny little brain won’t let me.

All I can do is think about my performance, run lyrics, play songs in my head, over and over. I need to sit quietly and find my place, my zone.

People think I’m upset or worried or nervous or angry, but none of those things are there. I’m merely going into show mode.

Because you deserve my best.


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