Fondly: the truth hurts, even in fiction

I’ve been working on Fondly, a strange novel blending fiction and the past three years of my life, covering love, loss and mental illness, among other things, presented in a non-linear timeline.

It’s a challenge. Bigger than I thought. It’s an emotional challenge.

I have to go back and relive these moments, good and bad. I have to put myself back there, and remember how I felt, which means I have to feel it all over again.

It’s painful. A part of me wants to stop. Throw it all away.

But I simply can’t. This is what I know, lived—the moments that brought me here.

For better or worse, this was my life.

So I keep on writing, remembering, reliving.

Either I’m going to create an honest work of fiction, or find myself back in therapy…

Maybe both.

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