Tragedies in the Making

And now things are about to get hopping.

Oh, it began already, long before a single song was written. Long before the Dapper King was crowned, before singular form was penned. It began with the final line from the song, Funeral March on our last album, How We Prospered.

It had to unfold. All of it.

I believe music can be more than the tired clichés and formulas that always seem to work. I believe music can rise above the milquetoast safety net of trying to please everyone by offending no one.

I believe music can be honest, and personal. At least, that’s what it means to me.

And for the past three or so years, I’ve gone through a lot. It’s no secret. My life willingly (and sometimes, unwillingly) unfolds publicly—here, there and everywhere in-between. I have nothing to hide.

Everything I’ve gone through, every up and down, ebb and flow. Every Sisyphean moment that saw me rising up to start pushing the boulder again are in these songs. And when I sing them, I feel those moments all over again. The agony, the ecstasy, the reality. It’s cathartic and torture at the same time. Sometimes it’s downright ugly. But it’s true.

For the past month or so, Strawfoot has been a bunch of busy little bees, between our Halloween Hootenanny and last weekend’s record breaking Beggar’s Carnivale, Nevermore: Murder Mysteries in the House of Usher. It was, hands down, our most ambitious Beggars to date. The final count of songs written, arranged and learned for this show was twenty. Of those twenty, six were written specifically for this show (in under three weeks). Some of those songs will outlive Nevermore, finding a home on our next album, 1000 Tragedies.

Which we can now begin to focus on, arrange, practice, tighten, finalize and record. And I plan to take you all along with me for the ride. I mean, I share everything else, right?

The writing, arranging and recording process are interesting. It’s where the song grows the most, sometimes. It’s where a band really bonds. Sure, there’s bonding on the stage, on the road…But creating something…making music where there was none, as a group, is bigger than all of that. I imagine it’s how a parent feels.

Stay tuned, friends and neighbors, things are about to get hopping.

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