Tangle of Lights: On your mark, get set…

I can’t sit mentally still. I have far too many lights blinking on and off, all the time. So this weekend I found myself designing new sets for the Beggar’s Carnivale. Our talent, our production value, the symmetry of the shows…They have all moved to a new level, and our set needs to follow suit.

The idea: Rotating panels that provide multiple scenes within a small plot of stage. Something that folds flat for easy transportation, something that sets up quickly, and is robust and movable. Something that cane be developed as new acts and transitions enter the fray.

Step one: Concept

The first phase is always born from the pages of the moleskine, it’s a simple way to get the basic idea in front of me, so I can figure out the specifics.


After that, I needed to make a miniature mock-up, to see if it would actually work, and if so, how. I imagine three sets of triangular panels, images on both sides, providing as many as 18 distinct backgrounds. When turned flat, it provides a straight backdrop.



When rotated slightly, it should provide a linticular effect, giving perspective and additional wings on the stage for performers to utilize for blocking.


Rotate them more, you get another scene.


Rotate again…


And you get a third scene.


Each panel will be built with hinges that allow the panels to be folded in reverse, for three additional scenes.

So far, it’s just an idea, a concept, a kernel. Stay tuned.


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