Alright, Christmas: And Now a Word from our Sponsor, Blue Collar Edition…

Trends are a strange thing. They happen so fast.

One second all is calm, the next…the world is more torn between Teams Edward and Jacob than Healthcare V. the Republicans.

Before that it was prepubescent wizards and a lot of bad, fake british accents.

There was ska, and swing and long before that grunge.

It’s hard to tell what influences what.

Fashion, music, television and lifestyle—we’re such an easily-impressionable lot.

It really all boils down to target markets and slick advertising executives that think they know what the general populace wants. They start with the lowest common denominator then drag the world down to that level.

And we’re usually happy to go.

Half the time we don’t even realize we’re being corralled by a marketing team before it’s too late.

Back in the early-mid 80’s it was the Blue Collar life.

This was long before hipsters, frat boys and douchebags like Ashton Kutcher started wearing trucker hats. Before a man named Sam called himself Joe and began talking about things he didn’t understand—before Small Town America was considered the only real America.

Before all that, men and women began dressing like lumberjacks. Monster trucks were all the rage and beer commercials started celebrating the type of person that actually drank their product.

Of course, it was a softened version of the real thing. They made callouses and a stoic work ethic seem romantic, glossing over the long hours, small wages, strikes, layoffs and back-breaking labor that often goes along with the Blue Collar life.

Kids weren’t immune to it, either.

We were clad in long underwear, red and black flannel shirts and work boots, too.

Even our electric  racetracks and toy cars fell into the trend.

I had all the accessories. I even had a Howard Johnson truck stop model. All it was missing was the lot lizards accessory kit.

Who knew it would be so much fun to drive slowly on a highway delivering oil drums and lumber?

And then, of course, there were the monster trucks.

I grew up in NFC (North Fucking County) where monster trucks were invented. I had no choice but to love and cherish my Stomper collection. They even came in happy meals for a while.

This lasted about a year before MTV came in and took trend setting to an all new, frightening level ultimately leading us to reality TV and Hanna fucking Montana.

God only knows what’s next.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…


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3 Responses to “Alright, Christmas: And Now a Word from our Sponsor, Blue Collar Edition…”

  1. AliceK Says:

    hey nice post and i also like your blog design…bookmarked your site and looking for more updates.

  2. jason hodge Says:

    seriously, sometimes i think we grew up in different countries. i’ve never seen that us-1 commercial. and i would have remember that. how cool.

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