(Retro)spect: And Now a Word From Our Sponsor…

A lot of phrases from our pop-lexicon were born out of commercials, outlasting the very products they were written to serve.

I sometimes wonder if this is an indication of genius on the part of the copywriter, or a sad example of our susceptibility to repetition as a culture.

Sure, their poignancy decreases as new generations latch onto new slogans—some fall to the point of obscurity beyond the guarded borders of nostalgia, garnering little more than a blank stare or raised eyebrow from the disenchanted youth when uttered aloud.

Those, perhaps, are the ones we hold the tightest.

I watch commercials for fun. They hearken me back to simpler times filled with board games and dirt bikes, cartoons and action figures.

When my time was nothing but carefree.

When you watch the video just below, I want you to think about three simple words:

Pretty Sneaky, Sis.



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