Write Now.

I’m not a copywriter. I’m not a blogger.

I’m no novelist, nor poet, nor songwriter…

I’m merely a writer.

Or perhaps, more to wit, especially a writer.

I don’t clock out. I don’t take it for granted.

I don’t write because they tell me to. I write because I have to.

Because it’s more than what I do—it’s who I am.

I try to transcend the cliche, the obvious.

Go ahead and draw a line in the sand, I’ll cross it eventually—I refuse to accept the limits of what’s been done. Life is more than just a copy/paste of the past.

I’m as flexible as a Russian gymnast—I’m more than any one style.

I’m more than just a funny guy. I’m not always a sentimental baby, and not every word must burn.

We’re built to process more than the surface emotion.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of what you want.

Sometimes it’s a matter of what you didn’t know you needed.

My motive isn’t always clear, and I don’t write for everyone.

I write for you, and it’s true:

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Anyone can throw a punch or pull a trigger, but action merely garners reaction.

Words can do so much more.

Someday, some folks might just realize what they’re missing.

What they missed.

What they didn’t know they needed.

As for right now, I can only write now.

And hope you keep reading.


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4 Responses to “Write Now.”

  1. Cassandra Jade Says:

    Why doesn’t my keyboard have a cliche button? That would be hilarious if you could just punch a button and have an appropriate cliche appear.
    That was a great read. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. viciousblog Says:

    Thanks for reading…I think for a lot of writers, that cliche button is internal.

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