Sisyphus Incarnate: I Got Yer Fun Right Here…


People keep telling me I should turn my unemployment into a funemployment. Even my wife, who has been forced to adjust to a husband that rarely wears pants, thinks I need to enjoy my time “off” more.

A friend of mine has been unemployed for about eight months now. He plays tennis, and meets old friends for lunch. He’s reading more books, and embarking on home improvement projects.

He’s celebrating funemployment.

Like so many others, this friend has told me countless times that I should lighten up and take advantage of my new-found free time.

This is easier said than done.

There are over 141,800 unemployed St. Louisans right now.

It’s a hot topic…a trendy topic…

Countless articles have been dedicated to productive ways to turn unemployment into funemployment—a word far too cute for the circumstances it involves.

It’s hard to take such words to heart, considering they were written by someone who has a job.

They tell me to seize the day, and see my time off as a blessing in disguise.

The Urban Dictionary defines funemployment as “The condition of a person who takes advantage of being out of a job to have the time of their life. I spent all day Tuesday at the pool; funemployment rocks!”

No. No it doesn’t. This is no paycation.

They tell us that funemployment is a great opportunity to (re)evaluate our lives—to revisit the eternal question of our pioneering youth; what do you want to be when you grow up?

They call it a second chance at fulfillment—an opportunity to start an entirely new career path. A chance to learn new and interesting skills.

But I did all that the last time I was unemployed, and it wasn’t fun then, either. Essentially, it means I’m unemployed from twice as many jobs.

They tell us we deserve to have fun, but why? Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Ours is a narcissistic culture; we’re a self serving lot.


I am not a man of leisure. Would that I were but…

I need to feel as if I am contributing something to the world—that I’m the one driving the bus, rather than merely a passenger who forgot which stop is his.

How can I allow myself to have fun when my life is up in the air? I hardly feel I deserve to go play frisbee golf when I’m not sure how I’ll be paying my bills six months from now. How can I enjoy the next ten minutes when I’m worried about the next ten years?

It’s not fun to worry about your mortgage.

It’s not fun to put your life on hold.

Job hunting is not fun.

Maybe they’re all just trying to find the silver lining on a very dark and ominous storm cloud—they say if you love the time you’ve wasted then you haven’t wasted your time…but…

Fun has lost its meaning without work for comparison—it’s like pushing a boulder without the mountain.


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