Humble Abode: Billboard Edition

There are two types of creatives in this world:

Those that are threatened by their peers, and those that are often humbled.

I fall into the latter category. Whenever I get too big from my britches, all I need to do is find some stunning work from another to remind me I’m not the sun.

I stumbled across these on Huffington Post this morning…

It’s a reminder of just how far outside the box you can go.

I know, I know…

The phrase “thinking outside the box” has become such a corporate cliche. The phrase is used so much that thinking inside the box has become the new outside of the box.

Just ask my last boss.

But sometimes, ideas like this happen:

Please note the blood spatter makes it all the way onto the parked cars on the street…

You can read the original article and see more here.


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