New Gig Poster: the Ataris

Just started finished a new poster, this one for the Ataris, live at Off Broadway. They’re playing with my friends’ band, Resoldered, and another band called (I kid you not) It’s All About the Benjamins

Seriously, that’s their name.

I know nothing about this third act, other than the fact that they have an unfortunate band name. They could be thugs-for-life rappers in saggy jeans singing about pimps and/or hoes through a gold-toothed grin, a group of satan worshipping death metal heads, with giant skull belt buckles, ready to drink some beer and kick some my ass, or a group of awkward, dirty, skinny jeans wearing hipsters in search of the ultimate in ironic names, singing angst ridden yet catchy pop songs chok-full-o’ emotion and falsettos…

I just don’t know, and I’m not in the mood to google them to find out.



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