The Reluctant Twitt…(er)


I love the written word—the language. I love reading it, and I love writing it. Very little ranks higher than the smell of a book, new or old. It’s the smell of something greater than its binding.

As a writer, I am disgusted by some of the evolutions in media. Primarily, Twitter. Twitter is destroying us. It’s destroying our culture, and perhaps our final semblance of genuine thought and intellect.

We’re being reduced to abbreviations and phonetics—reduced to 140 characters. Twitter does nothing but promote a short attention span and fascination with the mundane and irrelevant.


87% of my waking hours are spent entrenched in the consumer warfare that is advertising, promotion and marketing. This means that, love it or not, I have to hold mastery over all the new media—I must keep up with the Jones. It’s integral to my survival as a professional.

I remember when I first started working in advertising.

It was a weird moment in the industry, as a torch was reluctantly passed from the old generation to the new. I had a computer on my desk, they had markers and pens. They all found themselves packing a box and being escorted to the door by security sooner than later, grumbling angrily about how times were changing for the worse.

They didn’t adapt.

So what does this mean?

It means that I’m a Twit. I tweet.


The author in me needs a shower.


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11 Responses to “The Reluctant Twitt…(er)”

  1. steve Says:

    What up, grandpa!

    Ahh…I loved those markers. I still have mine in a file cabinet with frisket masking and my old airbrush supplies.

    But I wouldn’t trade PShop for any of ’em.

  2. Autopsy IV Says:

    I’d say Twitter (as is any new technology) is what you make of it.

    Sometimes I find the 140 character limit to be a great exercise at editing. How to make my point w/o fluff (a helpful tool when writing something for print).

    While at others, I find it too limiting and end up scrapping tweets in lieu of trimming 16 more characters out.

    Here are (2) Tweeters I think you’ll enjoy: /arjunbasu & /VeryShortStory

  3. sag Says:

    I agree – the evolution of media is inevitable and some (or most) of it has made life better, easier, faster, more accessible. some of it has just made us stupider, and I put twitter and TMZ in that category.

  4. bill streeter Says:

    I love language too. But a most uses of it never reach the level of art. It’s utilitarian by nature. Most folks have conversations and never think twice about how they are using language. They’re just passing along information. For me and a lot of other people Twitter isn’t a end, it’s a starting point. My friends there tell me everyday about stuff I didn’t know before. And hopefully I do the same for them. Twitter isn’t just about 140 characters, it’s another way to connect people, and to connect people to information.

  5. bill streeter Says:

    Oh and BTW I found this post because I saw the link to it on Twitter. See how that works?

  6. Kamela Says:

    It always makes me laugh when people can’t or won’t see what twitter is capable of. Like everything else it is what you make of it and what you bring to it. I have been informed of some pretty amazing things through twitter and see the benefit of it… don’t and that’s fine, but there is nothing mature about insulting it and the people that use it. Destroying our culture? Not possible. You are giving something that you proclaim to hate far too much credit.

  7. viciousblog Says:

    To a certain extent, it certainly contributes to the destruction of language…it pushes forward the lazy phonetic spellings, it produces things such as: I can hs cheezbrger?

    That’s not to say I don’t understand its use as a promotional tool, but it’s just another social networking fad, like myspace or facebook, and its limit of characters forces people to dumb down their message…

    its good to be consise, but not at the sacrifice of our language.

    It’s not the only culprit, merely part of a bigger amalgamation of the dumbing down of our society.

  8. Kamela Says:

    Dumb down their message or choose their words wisely? I have seen far too many people that seem to love rambling on and on…..maybe people would do well to be more concise about what it is they are trying to say. We won’t agree on this, but we can agree to disagree. And I loathe that cheezbrger website & texting which I think is more to blame for people being lazy with their spelling and words which is why I refuse to text. bleh.

  9. viciousblog Says:

    it’s a melting pot…they all blend in together to dumb us down. Being concise is one thing, but few are concise about anything worthwhile.

    I’m sitting on the patio.

  10. Two Years. « Viciousblog's Weblog Says:

    […] I discovered Deadwood and became a twit. […]

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