Work in Progress: Literary Edition (v3)


Last night we went out for drinks with friends

For about five hours we drank and discussed the inconsequential details of life that ultimately become small talk and anecdotes…

The whole time we were out, however, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Grundish & Askew cover. I couldn’t wait to get home (half drunk and full of piss and inspiration) to push forward on the design.

I’ve stopped working on the second look…I’m folding it up and sticking it in my pocket for later…I have a plan for that design that just might be interesting…

I once read a Q&A with Chip Kidd, the “rock star”of book cover design…He was asked if most authors have final creative control over the cover art…He essentially told the journalist that even if it’s not in a contract, the writer always has the final word…it’s their work…their soul…

While this may be true, they do have to trust the designer’s reasoning sometimes, and remember it’s also their biggest marketing and promotion media…

So I’m moving my focus over to look number 1…I’m happy with where it has evolved over the last few days. I feel like it’s very close to being a finished product, if the author (fingers crossed) approves it, then it’s just a matter of a few tweaks, and finalizing the dimensions and what-not…then bam. done…in theory…

So, here’s Grundish and Askew, version 3.0….


Here’s the front cover with the new font and a lovely bloody handprint.


and here’s the back cover and spine with the proper synopsis and bio and a tentative place for the barcode…




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3 Responses to “Work in Progress: Literary Edition (v3)”

  1. Says:

    […] check out the bad-ass cover design done by my friend and fellow Vicious Books author, Marcus Eder, author of Rorschach’s Ribs. […]

  2. flash Says:

    Great post!

  3. Work in Progress: Grundish and Askew « Viciousblog’s Weblog Says:

    […] made a few minor tweaks to it since the last round…nothing major. I just rotated the fists, which I think looks a little […]

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