We’re hosting a brunch this morning for our friends. We’ve all been friends for well over 15 years now…

We used to hang out at bars…every weekend…a few of us still do, but a great many of them now have (multiple) kids…so bar-hopping is kind of extinct, aside from those (very few) instances invlolving a baby-sitter…

So now we brunch…rotating from house to house each time…we’ve gone from smokey, late-night binge drinking to children friendly breakfasts…

I’m not complaining…I love me some bacon.

And this isn’t about where we used to go…this is about today.

Today is our turn to host, and I am treating my friends to bacon wrapped scotch eggs as my contribution…

Last brunch, I brought over a bacon log…people love bacon…it’s true.

I’ve never made Scotch Eggs before, I’m still learning how to make full use of my deep fryer…So last week I did a practice run…


it’s true…I made a scotch egg smiley face with an elitist spicy mustard nose…

Hope they turn out as good today.


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