Mad Man, I: Marketing v Advertising


I’ve worked both sides of the coin.

I’ve been that guy wearing hip bulky glasses and a black turtle neck riding around the office on a scooter and playing foosball. Yeah, I was that guy…

I’ve also been that guy who dresses corporate casual and sits in a cubicle all day working for the same client day in day out…

Advertising Agency v In-House Marketing Department…they both have their pluses, they both have their minuses…

When it all boils down, I’m just happy to be employed during these trying economic times

I could lament for weeks on end about the two…but I think it’s much easier to use visual aids to show the difference…

so here it is, in a nutshell…

Advertising Agency:

and now, a great example of what it’s like working in-house…



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One Response to “Mad Man, I: Marketing v Advertising”

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    […] of my waking hours are spent entrenched in the consumer warfare that is advertising, promotion and marketing. This means that, love it or not, I have to hold mastery over all the new media—I must keep up […]

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