Cold(play) Case: the final argument…

So far, we’ve heard from Satriani and Stevens, both of whom have given compelling arguments regarding the fact that Coldplay:

A. Ripped them off Coldplayed them

B. Sucks horribly.

Let’s recap:

Satriani v Coldplay

Stevens v Coldplay

The final testimony comes from the band Creaky Boards…in what can only be described as musical irony (or perhaps a slap in the face), the song they submit as having been coldplayed is called The songs I Didn’t Write…let’s hear their argument, in their own words:

So…if Creaky Boards were to be the song Coldplay didn’t write, then should Satriani sue them? And if that’s the case, should Cat sue Sat?

Or perhaps they should just start a class action suit against Coldplay…I’m sure there will be more to come…


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