The Next Work in Progress

Our drummer, John is a bit of a musical polygamist…his heart belongs to multiple bands, as do his drum sticks…and van…He makes it work…he’s young…

His (other) band, Fattback is about to release a CD, Canary…I’ve been working on some posters for the CD release show….I’m doing three designs, all of which will be posted around town and that interweb thing…

So here’s where I am with them so far…I might be finished…


wp2wp3They also gave me a drawing for their cover art, I’m trying to help them add some text….it’s a great drawing, but a challenge to make work as packaging…

I’ve tried a bazillion combinations of fonts, colors and placement….still not happy with it but who knows…maybe I’m on the right track…

wp4I also took the liberty of designing a different cover…(using design elements later used for the above posters)



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