A Fork in the Road…


I think I was programmed early on…as an Art Director, I never came up with just one design…I always had to present at least two, usually more, for any given client…The client NEVER chose the design I preferred, even when I tried stacking the deck by offering an obviously less inspired, less developed look as their second option…

These days, I work in-house, so the client never changes, and neither does the work…it’s less about multiple options and more about multiple revisions…but hey…I’m just thankful to be employed during these trying economic times

But this isn’t about my vocation, it’s about being programmed…well, it’s not really even about that…

It’s about choices…it’s about options…it’s about that fork in the road I tend to reach more often than naught during the creative process….

It’s about deciding which design to move forward with…

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, we’re playing with Scott H. Biram in August…I’ve been working on the poster for a while…

To refresh your memories, here’s where I am with it…

biramlr1I like this design well enough…the image is interesting, it’s simple…minimalistic to a certain degree…


I wasn’t quite happy enough…so I put together something completely different…


it’s a little brighter, more fun…it follows the second rule of advertising (behind the color red): sex sells

It’s also a nice little nod to my theater-geek past…no, it’s not She-Hulk

It was inspired by the book cover design for Bukowski’s Women (great book)…

wmnThis was designed by Milan Bozic…he does some great work…especially his series of Bukowski covers

So there you have it…two very different looks…what do you think?


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3 Responses to “A Fork in the Road…”

  1. Amie Simmons Says:

    LOVE the second one. love them both, but you nailed it with the second one. love the colors and the visual.

  2. steve pohlman Says:

    I like the second one sir….

  3. matt Says:

    both designs are really nice…but for a poster i think the second one will grab more attention with its visuals. nice work!!!

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